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Willow Pattern Adventure (Jolie Edition) 2021

Originally released by Greg Duddle in 1986 on the Mr Micro and Firebird labels.

The 'Jolie Edition' (inspired by retro Twitch streamer @theJolieJones) includes gameplay tweaks, bug fixes and a few special bonus items.

Changes in this new edition include:

- Diagonal movement (joystick/emulated joystick only)
- New ending screens
- It is now possible to score 100%
- Secret bonus items
- Tweaks to samurai positions
- Music 'softened' by dmx (@rebelandroid)
- Cheat options
- Birds flying over the bridge
- Exit bridge from either side
- Switch music on/off
- Other minor tweaks and bug fixes


Code tweaks: C64 Mark

Music tweaks: dmx (@rebelandroid)

Ideas & test: Jolie Jones (@theJolieJones)

Original Instructions:

Chang's quest is to make his way through the beautiful, but complex oriental maze in search of Princess Koong-Shee. On his way he will encounter sword-throwing Samurai Warriors as well as giants who guard the river crossings.

There are items to be collected on the way, including a key which gives Chang access to the Princess' hiding place and assorted items of treasure. When he has Princess Koong-Shee, Chang must race back through the maze, pursued by Li Chi, Princess Koong-Shee's furious father, until he reaches a boat, and safety.


Joystick in Port 2 (or W,A,S,D & Return)

F1 - Pause
F3 - Music on/off
Run/Stop & Restore - Rage quit
F7 - Options screen (from intro screen only)

Download includes a poster/map created by Jolie Jones.

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TagsCommodore 64, Retro


WillowPattern2021.zip 493 kB


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Ta very much!

Thanks for this "updated" version ;D

You're welcome. Enjoy!

very good

Thank you!