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Neptune Lander Elite by C64 Mark

Abandoned in space following a catastrophic accident on the Neptune One mining vessel you drift from colony to colony in search of supplies and the hope of finding other survivors.

Guide your Neptune Lander spaceship through 40 perilous caverns, avoiding lasers, dodging malfunctioning doors and traversing dangerous thrust-free EMP zones. Safely land in each colony collecting power-ups on the way before continuing your journey.

Play for survival using the basic ship and landing on the easy to reach bases or take the hard route and prove that you are ready to join the Neptune Lander Elite.

Code & Graphics: C64 Mark
Music & Sound FX: Phaze101

Additional Ideas & Level Design: Stacy Bates & GRay Defender
Testing: Stacy Bates, GRay Defender, John Dale
Inspiration: John Dale (@oldskoolcoder)

Physical copies now available to pre-order from PhoenixWare: https://www.phoenixware.co.uk/product/neptune-lander-elite/

Special Thanks: @hayesmaker and Vinny @ Freeze64 Fanzine

Coded with CBMPrgStudio

Free to download or choose what you pay. Any money raised from this game will be donated to the Centre for Computing History

v1.2 Update [21.11.2020]:

- NTSC fixed
- Load/save high score now works with fastload
- High score screen shown at end of game even without achieving high score
- Run-stop/Restore bug fixed
- Other minor bug fixes

v1.1 Update [08.11.2020]: 

- invert x-axis option now added
- minor bug fixes

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
TagsCommodore 64, Gravity, Retro


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acabo de comprarlo y el juego es buenísimo!!! muy entretenido y desafiante!!! recomendado!!!😉👍

Lovely update to Jupiter lander, great controls, and music is ace as well.. well worth a few quid!

Nice game. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 01:48:06. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

Jupiter Lander done right. Fantastic game!

Cheers Charlie. Just watch out for those beacons :D

I paid the 2 Bucks...
Ye there are already 1000s of games like this one out there and it migh not be 'worth' much.
But thanks to everyone contributing to the community :-)

Thanks Captain Zap. Appreciated.

I 'bought' this by paying no money, just leaving a note here to say its not because I don't think it's worth anything, its just because I already ordered the cassette version and am getting it here just while I wait for it to arrive :).

Absolutely no problem at all :)


Really enjoying this game - found it Retro Magazine #7.

I’m playing on a MiSTer core (actually on a NeptUNO, but extremely similar), and I’ve found that the ship’s sound cuts out shortly into the level. It’ll return when I pick up a fuel boost or the next level starts (but not when I die).

Otherwise, really really enjoyable - strong recommend 👍

Thanks for the positive comment. I appreciate that.

The sound issue is probably down to the hardware emulation of the SID chip I imagine. It's not an issue I've come across in Vice or on a real C64.

Excellent game - I'm determined to beat this tonight! 

Excellent job! I'm a fan of Lunar/Jupiter Lander and I liked so much your excellent game. Please implement a ZOOM function, that's very useful when you're near to platform. Thanks.

Thanks for your kind comments.

If I were to implement a zoom function it would require more memory for graphics and code and would most likely mean that I would have to lose a number of levels to make space. I don't think a zoom function would really add anything to the gameplay and I'd rather have 40 different levels.

Only thing that bothers me: when you die, your final score is not displayed and you are taken instantly back to the main menue. The score should be displayed on a Gamer Over screen, be it a Highscore or not.
Very nice, there is a Highscore Saver, but you have to wait until the Highscores are displayed when in the game menue. Maybe add a See Highscores option to the menue.

No more complaints.^^

Thanks for you comments, I appreciate that. I'll think about if there's a way to show your score and the high score when you die.

Or if you practice more, you'll get a high score anyway :D

High scores can be saved on any title screen - you don't have to wait until the high score screen is displayed.

Press F5 to save Highscores, I learned that, plus I scored some 15800 points to enter the list. =)
What I meant was: A Gamer Over Screen with the actual score displayed. To see the Highscore list in addition to that, on one screen, would be nice... like: Game over , Your score, Highscores....so you dont have to wait in the menue for the list shown....ofc becomes obsolete if it actually IS a highscore...

But I might be the only lonely soul who finds that important anyway....=D

I tend to have strange ideas....^^
What about a rating for the training performance? After training is complete award a medal. Gold, Silver or Bronze, 0 deaths is gold, maybe 5 deaths are silver, just finishing training with more than 5 deaths is bronze.
An astronaut will get a certificate after a successful training that shows he is ready for the real task.... I think. =D
Sorry, I wont bother with more stuff...^^


Great game (if you like Jupiter Lander)! Great music, cool retro graphics. Classic 1983 oldschool look. You have 3 different vehicles to choose from, all with a different handling that also affects the score!

There is more, different levels, all unique, with different landing spots, and every level has its FxxxING OWN MUSIC!

Doubled the basic donation, now following C64 Mark, rated 5 stars!

Great game!=D

It's a simple but quite awesome and fun game. The right combination of hookability and ability in old stile. 

Thank you :)

Well done Mark. Great Game

Thank you. And thanks for the brilliant music and sound fx. Really makes the game.

Deleted 3 years ago

I am a big fan of Lunar Lander and this version is excellent! Very nice graphics and music :)

I would make one suggestion though. The keys to activate the side rockets match the side where they are in the ship, but in my mind they are in the opposite side I want to turn my ship :) - Maybe having an option to invert that would be welcome!

Thanks for your kind words vitno.

It's something I'll think about - I think originally I had them the other way round, but it didn't feel right to me :D

It is funny how the brain works. The good thing is that you offer the excellent training mode which is excellent to have the controls sorted out! I am preparing an article featuring your game today on Vintage is The New Old, btw!

That's great news! Thanks!