A downloadable game

for Commodore 16/Plus4

"Infuriatingly addictive game based on the twelve deathly labours of a modern day Hercules."

Can you help Hercules (or Yolanda) complete the twelve labours before entering Hades for the final challenge? Platforms appear or turn to fire before your eyes - dare you make that leap of faith into the unknown?

With each of the first 11 levels appearing in random order, you'll never know quite where you are or what your next move is.

Original game conversion by Wayne Alan Maw (Power House)


Redux Credits:

Code & level changes: C64 Mark

Music & sound fx: dmx87

Additional graphics: Jolie Jones

New level designs: jolie & i_a_n

Test: jolie, i_a_n, oohnavyseals, stepz, luca

New Features:

This redux version of the classic Hercules game for Commodore 16/Plus4 includes:

  • All new music and sound fx
  • Three new 'Hades' levels
  • Yolanda, Hades labour item and enemy char designs
  • Design changes to existing levels
  • New platform and fire chars
  • A new scoring system that rewards quick completion
  • Fixed controls, raster and other minor bugs
  • NTSC compatibility
  • A complete re-code of the original from the bottom up
  • Built in cheat modes


Joystick in Port 2 or keys (WASD + Return or IJKL + Shift)
Esc - rage quit

Play on real hardware or YAPE

Many thanks to Luca (of FIRE) at Plus4World


hercules.d64 170 kB
hercules.prg 8 kB


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So now we have a real hellenic quest to challenge with! Well done, guys!

Thanks Luca. And thanks for your help with the final testing.

Now to get those high-scores logged on plus4world!

very good

Thank you, Marco